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8 Biggest Limiting Beliefs of Young Entrepreneurs

No matter how hard you run, where you hide or how successful you’ve been, there is no escape. That voice! It follows you. That annoying, overprotective, whining, critical voice that can not be lost because it’s IN YOUR HEAD! The voice has a very distinct language. It’s favorite phrase is “yeah but.” For example, “I […]

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10 Young Entrepreneur Success Keys

So you want to be an entrepreneur? You crazy fool! Do you know what you’re getting yourself into? Really, do you? Hopefully, the answer is “no.” Let me tell you why. If you did actually know what you would have to go through, if you actually felt it all before you ever started the journey, […]

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7 “Stay Classy” Young Entrepreneur Comebacks against Entrepreneurial Cynics: The Ron Burgundy Philosophy

I quit! Whether you are a young entrepreneur or not, I think we’ve all wanted to say it. Some people do, and others do not. So for those who want to or have recently become new entrepreneurs, what’s on the other side? Heaven or hell, blue skies or pain? The answer is both! But the […]

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