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Mindful Acceptance and Meditation Training: Maximum Mental Health Chapter 5

Mindful Acceptance: Overcome negative thinking through mindfulness meditation training exercises for stress reduction and positive wellbeing This is chapter 5, and outlines the 5th of 20 mental health and happiness principles revealed. Each week a new chapter will be placed on the blog and the previous chapter removed. To get the book go to: http://ow.ly/K3p6E You […]

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Great Scot! The kilt wearers are treating depression with computers

Can a computer treat depression? Scottish health policy creators are willing to find out. With the costs of mental health treatment continuing to skyrocket and in many western countries, new approaches are being sought.   One option is the use of computer based programs to assist others to challenge irrational thoughts and become more positive […]

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Brad Pitt Beats Depression – But How?

There are no guarantees in life. Fame, fortune and even friends and family can not fully protect you from depression. Recently, Brad Pitt stated in an interview that he had been very depressed in the late 90’s, and that he spent most of his nights ‘sitting on the couch’ and ‘smoking dope’, with the aim […]

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