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Jenn Lim: 4 Steps to Delivering Happiness in Business – Podcast Notes

Jenn Lim (interview at 36:00), CEO for Delivering Happiness and business partner with #1 New York Times Best-Selling author and Zappo’s founder Tony Hsieh reveals their 4 step business model. Aleks outlines current business failure rates (8:50), the 10 guidelines to entrepreneurial happiness (14:50), how to build amazing relationships (28:38) and rapport (32:05), offers an […]

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Happiness as the Ultimate Business Objective

Jenn Lim understands the power of happiness. She operates ‘Delivering Happiness’, the organisation inspired by the bestselling book of the same name written by Zappos founder and entrepreneur Tony Hsieh. (Jenn also played a vital role in the creation and authorship of the book). Delivering Happiness has led to a large scale movement involving thousands […]

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