Common organizations will always have major workplace problems and conflict

Common organizations filled with major workplace problems and conflicts will perish in today’s economy.  Although many organizations still find this hard to believe, it’s ‘people’ issues that are the major problems for most organizations.


Over time, I’ll be going over many of these key people/psychological issues and offering solutions. What I want to do now in my very first post in this category, is set my philosophical viewpoint and the core assumption behind my psychological model of effective change.


Are you ready? It’s super duper simple!


Active enhancement is better than cure! Or put another way, happiness building is always the answer. 


Let’s look at this from a traditional health perspective. The classic Western medical model definition of health is ‘the absence of illness’. In other words, if you’re not sick, you’re healthy.


That’s like saying fun is the absence of boredom or workplace harmony is the absence of conflict. Therefore, as long as staff aren’t killing each other, we have harmony right? I don’t think so.


Having people working and not interfering with each other is not as effective as people who are working together in a positive, supportive and synchronised manner. Harmony is the presence of additional actions that enhance experiences and outcomes.


So let me ask you this, how many organizations do you know that have a harmony enhancement policy? I’m guessing zero. Most have a conflict resolution policy (often not properly structured or enforced), but conflict is not an issue if you’re harmonizing.


The focus has always been wrong. In some ways it is changing (e.g. wellness is becoming the focus of smarter companies) but overall, there is a long way to go. I’m not saying you should not have conflict based polices like anti-bullying and procedures for other toxic issues, what I am saying is if the focus and training is pushed in the opposite direction towards enhancement during indoctrination and in trainings well before it could even possibly become an issue, life is going to be a lot more enjoyable and profitable for everyone.


Think about it this way…

Do you want to manage stress or know how to be very calm and focused?

Do you want to resolve conflict or be harmonious?

Do you want to be not depressed or would you prefer to be happy?


Being calm and focussed is more than just not being stressed. Being harmonious is more than an absence of conflict and not being depressed is not the equivalent of being happy.


We will be exploring all these issues from the ‘positive perspective’. You may not believe me yet, but happiness is always the answer.


Here are 3 questions to help you change your focus at work. 

It’s time you started asking better and more positively focused questions.

Write your answers to these 3 questions and act on them each day over the next week. Then review the differences they have made to your working experience. If you like the results, aim to maintain them by regularly asking yourself these questions.

1. How can I be more calm and focused this week?

2. How can I create more harmonious relationships?

3. What can I do to feel more excited, energized and happy at work?


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