Health tips, myths and leaders + infographic

Who is the oldest person in the world? Where is the healthiest place to live? What should we be eating? How should we be living and what kind of support do we need? Below is a great infographic offering answers to all these questions. However, I want to tackle one classic piece of health advice at the risk of becoming unpopular.

I do not believe for a second that wine is healthy. Apart from the obvious risk of over-consumption, having a range of antioxidants does not make something healthy. That is like saying anything that is low fat is healthy. Rubbish! Sugar is much worse for you overall than fat. Even something low in sugar and fat could be bad for you. The quality of the ingredients and additives must be considered.

Alcohol is bad for you! Wine, even in small doses is not a healthy drink, it is an indulgence. It may have a range of health promoting properties, and a low dose of alcohol will not harm you, but it will also not enhance you. Athletes don’t drink wine during competitive periods! They also don’t eat dark chocolate. These foods are fine and they have some healthy components, but they are not healthy foods, they are indulgences and should be treated as such.

That being said, enjoy this great and informative infographic and by all means have some wine if you want to, but don’t lie to yourself. Accept an indulgence for what it is, and you will be healthier.


The Healthiest People in the World

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