Could your shoes reveal 90% of your personality?

Does the shoes maketh the man? And we all know about the classic female shoe addiction stereotypes. But can we accurately predict the characteristics of someone else based on the kind of shoes they wear. It seems that we can.

In some ways this idea does not seem like such a revelation. Only the most sensible people will actually wear the best shoes for their health regularly. However, that in itself also reveals something about them too. Shoes are intimate clothing. We have so many nerve endings in our feet and any part of us that sticks out (like our feet) naturally grab attention. So, if not consciously, then least subconsciously, we want the parts of us that are noticeable to represent us correctly.

If you don’t think shoe selection is important, then think of it this way. Have you ever gotten a pair of shoes as a gift (maybe as a child) that you absolutely hated. Why? It’s not just because of aesthetics, but it’s because they don’t reflect the image you wish to portray.

So what kind of people wear what kind of shoes?

I wouldn’t take these findings too seriously just yet, but you still might like to consider some of the insights presented. Try them on, see if they fit and go for a walk. If these ideas feel and look good to you, maybe you should keep wearing them.


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