The Challenge: Can you truly become happier in under 5 minutes a day?

The challenge is a simple one. One unique ’90 second strategy’, 3 times a day over 21 days. Could this really lead to happiness? The results I have received during my small sample test case indicate it very well could.

Here is what they said.

“Feel I am learning some good techniques here for not only being happy but in remembering what is really important in my life…”

“Though the dancing like a maniac was done in private (did feel good though). And I’ve watched Wall-E again, love that movie. All in all mate I think taking 90 seconds out of your day to focus on being happy is a winner with me.Well worth the time, and thanks.”

“I like this one, I remembered my wedding day, to be exact when my wife walked through the door, wonderful thoughts.”

“I need to let you know that I was very keen to complete your challenge but I lost my dad suddenly and I have missed a few of the challenges. I did complete a reasonable amount to date and I have kept all as I have used it in my sad times and it has helped. The main ones that helped me were you asking us to imagine good things. I chose my grandchildren’s faces during these hard couple of weeks and they make me smile and happy. I even used that at dads funeral to keep on top of things, thanks! Also the thought of a time when we did a pleasurable exciting thing helped.”

“While I found the majority of the challenges enjoyable, I found the breathing routine to prepare for the challenges helped me more than the challenges themselves. The slow, steady breathing calmed me almost to the point of being in a trance. It really slowed me down, which was a good thing. It’s something that I continue to do anytime I feel things are getting on top of me.”


What I am looking for are groups of people who are willing to commit 5 minutes a day to becoming happier. It really is that simple. Each individual exercise is sent via email. It will have one unique 90 second exercise, to be done 3 times a day for 21 days. All you need to do is complete the exercise and record your results (which would take less than a minute).

If you can gather a group of people who would be truly committed to completing the challenge, then please email me. Depending on the type of group you can gather, I may be able to freely release the challenge to you. To contact me, click on the contact tab at the top of the screen.


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