Childhood happiness triggers video: These Disney classics will stir your heart!

Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive. This facility makes it the most versatile and explicit means of communication yet devised for quick mass appreciation.

-Walt Disney

Happiness is a warm seat in front of a big screen. Color, adventure, drama, humor, music, lights, camera, ACTION! What is it about the Disney films that stir the heart? I’m not going to talk about the classic three act structure, universal themes, archetypes, the hero’s journey and other classic story-lines. Rather, let’s talk about how these movies ‘fire up’ our basic desires and press our pleasure buttons.

At the base of happiness is pleasure. We yearn to enjoy the activities that we do. We all want to have ‘an experience’. Our minds and memories are also biased towards experiences. The more intense the experience, the more likely we are to continually think about and recall it. Unfortunately, this principle also applies to negative experiences. If we look at trauma, it occurs because of one or more experiences that were too intense, and because of this, the mind creates a bias towards recalling them. Why? As a reminder of possible dangers to look out for in the future. We are driven by the urge to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

But we’re not here to talk about pain today. We are here to talk about pleasure.

Before I continue, I suggest you get a full pleasure indoctrination by watching this fantastic video below.


What can be said about these movies. Well, clearly they are fun. They are a visual, auditory and kinesthetic experience that children and adults alike can enjoy. But surely pleasurable razzle dazzle isn’t the only thing that’s going for them.

Without going into great detail, I’ll mention two other key ingredients.

One is, we have to care about our hero and see him or her become more confident and empowered as they overcome the obstacles they face. They have to grow in self-belief and act courageously. The reason for this is because for us to have happy lives, we ourselves need to do the same thing. And as we follow them, we can’t help but relate ourselves to them.

Most importantly, all stories need to have a purpose. The better the moral of the story, the more satisfied the audience is at the end of it.The more satisfied the audience, the more intensely pleasureable the experience, and the more they will remember, integrate and use in their life.


So a successful story needs to be pleasure inducing, empowering and purposeful. So how can we use this knowledge to improve our own lives and relationships.


Here are 3 quick tips to help you have happy, exciting and memorable encounters with others.

1. Trigger pleasureable experiences in others. Offer compliments, smile frequently and mention interesting and upbeat stories. Your aim should be to give the person you’re with ‘an experience’.

2. Be encouraging and continually focus on people’s strengths. Mention times they have overcome difficult obstacles or talk about how based on what you know about them, why you are confident that they will overcome obstacles. Your aim is to empower them.

3. Connect their actions to an inspiring purpose. Have them imagine future scenarios where they can experience the greater benefits of their actions in order to connect to how who they are and what they do helps them and others become happier and more fulfilled.


The key to all of this is start with pleasure. If a person is not enjoying the experience, nothing else you do will matter!


I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained.

– Walt Disney

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