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Learn the Art of Public Speaking: Full Analysis of Bono’s ‘bird flipping’ TED speech

In the art of public speaking, what does it take to create a speech worthy of a standing ovation? A fantastic question. And can you flip the bird and get away with it too? To help you become a sleeker public speaker,  I’ve created a special video analysis of a very famous TED speech. Read […]

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Speaking Secrets Analysis of Army Chief David Morrison – Behind the Badass

Yes it’s true. Even in this day and age, we are living in a world occupied by bullies, bigots and sexist pigs! This brings up a key question and the topic of today’s video speech analysis, how do you effectively respond to such people? Before I introduce the analysis, I should categorically state bullying sickens […]

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Video Propaganda Preview

The video propaganda category will be all about inspirational videos. We are constantly bombarded with messages and most are negative. This section will be about me finding and sharing positive videos. I’ll also be creating a range of Positive Propaganda videos where I examine great role-models and offer practical strategies based on the knowledge and […]

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